Sail into Summer!

This morning was so much fun on the last day of Art for Kindergarten.  We only had black paper left, so I thought chalk.  Wanted summer vibe, so our library had this great book by Janet Buelle.  One of the illustrations shows a cropped sail up close and a sailboat on near the horizon.  It was perfect to share with Kindergarten how artists use size of images to show space. They also loved reading along with me!!
For the demonstration I made up a story about sailers getting ready for the Regatta.  The sailboat by the horizon got up at 4am to see the sunrise (blending warm colors!)and lucky for him spotted a great whale!  So he radio’d in to the middle boat.  Stopped there to interject #’s for boats.  “How old are you, Tate?  How many books have you read this week, Ben?  How high can you count Lukas?”  All of these answered gave us numbers for the boats in the Regatta Race!  By that time I’ve layered deep blues, greens, blended them in an left them to think of being so close to the cropped boat by the dock, we discussed what designs would be on the sail, what’s on the boat, etc.  This storytelling off the cuff engaged them as they watch how to explore the process.  Plus, it promoted all kinds of their own stories as they got to work!  In our final touches we showed movement of swirly lines as the sails picked up speed in hopes to spot the great whale in the sea!!

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