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Seeing the location in Maine of this painting “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth was very inspirational.  Christina was a neighbor of Andrew Wyeth and he was moved to do justice for her struggles with polio.  This day trip was one of my favorite we took from our rental in Five Islands Harbor and yet another opportunity to try a Lobster Roll in Maine!  I remember feeling as soon as we parked the car, it felt like we were walking in the painting.  As you can see there are not too many other visitors, so it was a neat feeling to be in one of the many places in the world to explore the inspiration of an Artist work.  My mind just went to O’keefe in Sante Fe and Cezanne in Aix en Provence. (Now that would be cool…a site/map of all the beautiful places on this planet to explore Artists environments!)  The House is completely open, so you are immediately drawn into the simplicity of living and the enormous views of pine trees from stark windows lined with shells or sea glass.  The grounds, including cemetery & gardens are open too.  This artsaysthat people, space and place can inspire Artists and others to appreciate the same.  What would your landscape of love look like?



































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