School Sculptures with Kevin Reese

Kevin Reese motivates communities across the country as a resident artist.  In designing a permanent sculpture,   participants experience creativity, teamwork and collaboration of ideas.  Check out to find out about Kevin Reese bringing the power of art to your community!  This artsaysthat communities are brought together by meaningful and relevant experiences in Art that symbolize teamwork, learning and creativity!

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5 thoughts on “School Sculptures with Kevin Reese

  1. Thank you have sharing and will passthis idea on to my Council GCAAC (Greater Cheyenne Art Advisory Council) and my schools. Thanks

  2. This is the most collaborative art project I have ever seen for all the students, businesses, districts and the artist involved. Kudos to all and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  3. Wow, this is so cool. I have always wanted students to take part in an installed sculpture. The pricey seems reasonable for the amount of work involved but my school would be a hard sell on this project. Do you have a sculpture at you school by Kevin Reese?

    1. Yes, I know it does seem pricey. Writing a grant with the Science Dept. came to mind, since we have garden classrooms and those teachers would love garden sculpture. The school up the next neighborhood has Reese sculpture. We are up for renovation in the next 2 yrs that will change a large portion of our outdoor space. I just thought of how individuals donate $ to have their name on a brick for campus walkway, so it would be a similar fundraiser perhaps.

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