Blogging for Students: A Teaching Tool

Reflections on Student Blogging.  What would they learn and WHY would we use blogging?  I think it is important to tap into the productive benefits of blogging, keep our students updated with technology and bring them as much success as possible by communicating about Art in every possible way!

Self-assessment:  Students could upload a photo of their work and write 3 or 4 examples of how they completed the assignment, tried something new or applied meaning.  Another idea is to generate Surveys students to answer questions regarding the lesson reflection to check for understanding.

Assess a classmate:  Students to positively comment on the work of a classmate using vocabulary or skill tied with lesson.

About an Artist:  Great way for students to share their research of an artist and post findings for classmates to comment.

About the Artist, myself:  Students could do a demo or how to of a particular skill and/or exploration of art medium.

           Academic Choice:  Motivation is the key word here.  I attended a workshop in Seattle and the presenter set aside four weeks of “Academic Choice” from Responsive Classroom approach.  Incorporating student blogging could ‘lift the level’ of learning for themselves and others.  Projects could be online or hands on.   Photos of either could easily document the process.  Allowing them to have a choice to explore self-expression, observation, innovation, empathy, and connection.

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