YouTube – Teaching through the Prism of Arts Integration


YouTube – Teaching through the Prism of Arts Integration.

Today was fantastic at the Phillips Collection!  Teachers from across the country gathered at the Phillips Collection today to attend a workshop on Teaching through the Prism of Arts Integration.  We were empowered by the leadership and research taking place at the Phillips Collection in their journey to provide our students of the 21st century with a diverse education.

When asked, “What does Arts Integration look like?”  Teachers shared what it would mean to them:

Personal Connection~Collaboration~Bridge to Creative Thinking~Connection of Left & Right Brain~Differentiation~Critical Thinking~Stretching Perspective~Tangible evidence of what was yields a concrete understanding of the significance and importance.

We were also fortunate to listen to the words and analogies of Eric Booth.  He described our work in the Arts as fostering that yearning of students to learn:  to keep that FLOW between anxiety and boredom.  Anxiety of ‘I can’t draw, my partner doesn’t like me’  along with Boredom ‘finished all the steps Mrs. Byrne…what’s next?’.   Arts Integration will allow for that FLOW that students yearn for to  incorporate the prior knowledge, creativity, experience and therefore synthesize.

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  1. Great piece Paige. I appreciate hearing what you thought and that you’re spreading the word.

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