Blogging Assignment

Blogging with Students

In our blogging class, that was so much fun and helpful to have classmates and leadership that motivated important thinking to get started, our last assignment was to create a lesson around Blogging with Students.  I hadn’t thought about that so much yet, let alone blogging for my profession at the time, but it came to be a great tool for myself and classmates.  Some art teachers were using it as a form of assessment.  Students could post what they have learned.  Blogging was also a great way to critique students work and discuss their process with peers.  For this assignment, I chose for students to Blog “About an Artist”.  Students will develop their observation skills, writing, empathy, connection, creativity and synthesis.  Students will also have the opportunity for a hands-on experience.  The Blogging time will have to be rotated in 15 min sign up per partners.  The remaining time will be used for their creative connection to incorporate what they have learned in a Two or Three-dimensional project.  Sounds ambitious, but 5th graders are ready to be busy, work with peers and explore independently!  Click here to see student handout:  Blogging About an Artist  and here to see Lesson Plan About an Artist Blog Lesson.  This artsaysthat a project like this will allow Differentiation:  all types of learners to participate in a variety of mediums, research and documentation.

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