Letter to home

Dear Parents,
Studio days have arrived, but would first like to share how this summer started off in a fabulous way! My first three days were spent at the Phillips Collection in Dupont circle. Educators from across the country gathered to discuss Arts Integration Teaching through the Prism . The experience was amazing.  We witnessed the impact of students having a Visual Arts education through speaker Eric Booth. Even more amazing was seeing that through the Arts students learn about all subjects as well as about themselves within. Integrating the arts creates a deeper meaning and even more productive outcome. I wanted to share this link that discusses the current conversation http://voices.washingtonpost.com/answer-sheet/arts-education/the-value-of-arts-education-a.html This link was provided from a Blog class I took from http://www.theartofed.com that was also a fabulous start to summer! Which brings me to mention I hope this blog will bring you great information about the studio experience of your child!

In addition to the Blogging class (I’m new at blogging, please subscribe for more info & weekly news), I also took an Assessment in Art class through ww.theartofed.com that was an eye opening experience. Both classes provided the online opportunity to meet Art teachers from across the country. We shared ideas (like sharing coast to coast Landscape assignments with our students) , solutions (we need to Assess all, not just a homeroom!) and experiences (organizing, classroom management) and learned we actually have already been assessing, but now teachers and students have a way to document growth in the Arts like never before! It was valuable in that the purpose was to take a look at ‘snapshots’ of how other Districts and States are assessing students in their comprehension and creativity in the Visual Arts and design an Assessment Plan that best suits our practices. The best thing I learned was that Assessment is not a test! Assessment is the tool (sprinkle glitter or light a sparkler here) that will guide our various types of learners. Assessment will allow us to tweek our teaching to suit individual needs and students can analyze their efforts and make adjustments through Self-Assessment using the Analyze Art Wall. We found that when Districts and States adopted particular types of assessments, like filling in bubbles or multiple choice, it limited the ‘whole picture’ of our students. Look for my new post soon titled “Portfolio’s are coming!”

I’m so excited take sending artwork home a step further with Portfolio’s! Each Advisory, portfolios will be sent home and included will be your child’s Self Assessment. Oh yes, students will be part of this equation and they will love it! I will be adding two categories Assessment and Portfolios that will give you a snapshot of what to expect. Speaking of expectations, Students are provided opportunities to make adjustments. Art Agreements are posted, redirection is given, Art Break for 5 is quiet time halfway through period to focus, and remarks of great progress and creativity is always the main buzz of the room. Honestly, I only had to send this home once in my entire career, but here this letter will be used when it’s time to give you a heads up Letter to HomeThey are more often too busy and engaged to get off track!!!  But let us not end there…I’m so excited to share more of inside the studio with you and thankful this Blog will be a platform for communication. In our first few weeks, all classes will be introduced to routines, learn layout of studio and given a sketchbook for the year. Each grade level will take a look at the Elements of Design and how Line plays an important part in creating movement, defining a shape and developing space in a composition. To see the post wish list of items we love to use throughout the year Wish List

See you here and on campus soon! Thank you, Mrs. Byrne

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