Assessment examples

These examples of assessments were created by Art Teachers in the class in Assessment in Art.  We had a great time looking over assessments across the country and crafting assessments based off of lessons we currently use.  We found that designing our own assessments gathered more information about our student learning than a standardized assessment.  Even our youngest students can analyze their work!  Check out how Kindergarten can share their self-assessment here K Self-Assmnt

In our class we learned that it is important to assess in a variety of ways.  Students can recall, describe and perform in there assessments in the same way we introduce, discuss and practice during the process of making art 2nd Pattern Assmnt. 

Here is another great example of how to be diverse in your assessment.  After a unit on Radial Design, the student is asked to select, define, sketch Radial Design and then describe their creative decisions:  4th Radial Design Assmnt.  So fantastic that they will have an opportunity to show creativity, writing skills and use vocabulary to show their comprehension.  All of these assessments could be designed to submit on a blog, saved on student flashdrive, or pasted on the back of assignment to share with parents.  What would you consider to start assessing your students in Art?  It is very exciting to think of the pride students will gain, value they will find to learning about Art, connecting to the meaning and having a richer experience.

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