Analyze Art Wall

This summer, I was fortunate to meet colleagues across the country in the online class on Assessment in Art. In one of our discussions about students in their Self-Assessment using rubrics and check-lists, this idea of an Analyze Art Wall was shared. I was so inspired to make it happen with the old blackboard in my room. In the past I would simply hold up work, dripping and all and students took 10 steps back. Now, students will have a space to view their artwork from a distance and within a frame! The questions Analyze Art Wall to promote reflection frame the cork board that is anchored to black board (thank you Mr. Bellamy!).
I hope this inspires you to engage your students in the process of evaluating their work using Self-Assessment!


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2 thoughts on “Analyze Art Wall

    1. Hi Jacinda,

      So glad you like the idea! The questions I used were similar to the art teacher that inspired this wall. I’ve even thought since putting the wall up, perhaps maybe 4 would be better for general student self-assessment:
      1. Does your work show evidence of completing all the steps?
      2. Is than an area that needs more emphasis?
      3. Have you asked a classmate to view your work?
      4. How has your work grown from original idea?
      The original 10 Q’s can be found by clicking Analyze Art wall within post and the pdf should pop up! Let me know how it goes:)

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