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You know that feeling of holding your road atlas, that I still love, or GPS from the phone in your hand, the car is moving and hopefully the red light ahead will let you check one more time, as you wonder ‘is this the right direction’?  Well, you were right all along and let that excited feeling of “Yes! This is the right road, I recognize all around me and ‘whew’ the passengers are content” come to it’s full deserving fruition.  My professor shared a documentary yesterday, in my Museum Applications class and it triggered that feeling.  The documentary took place in Chicago 2003 and showed how a Museum and School partnered  to use paintings and sculptures to integrate 4th grade curriculum: Arts Integration.  This partnership enhanced the learning for all types of learners in building their academic and social education.

My professor commented at the end, “it was because of this kind of teaching, all types of students learned and you couldn’t tell which students were the ones that do struggle”.  So our small class of eight at the Corcoran on a Saturday morning,  suddenly sounded like a marching band after that comment!  Everyone related and it was in that moment, the feeling of holding my GPS like a wet fish turned into a golden ticket.  It was also sweet to hear how the conversation at home of  parents asking”What did you do at school today” response from students went from ‘Nothing’ to “Oh, let me show you what we are and how I can….”

I thought about how other subjects are integrated into the Arts Curriculum at Mann.  Earlier this summer, I designed this story board to share a bit of what have done over the years Images of Arts Integration  but yesterday’s class inspired me to think of the deeper connection and long-term impact for our students it could have if connected to a museum and a collaboration of the teachers.  So, I hope this artsaysthat post inspires you as the class did me to 1. Reach out to teachers 2. Together connect to a museum 3. Mark off time needed for project!

Museums and Galleries have many online programs to share with students like at The Phillips Collection. You could even suggest that students interact with online Museum program with parents the night before class if technology is a challenge in your art room Ineractive Art Links.  Also, if you are also working for a school or district that struggles with keeping the Arts in schools, check out this picture book  Through the Cracks by Carolyn Sollman.  So far grad school has been great at the Corcoran and I’m excited to share more:)

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