30 Americans at the Corcoran

This October a new exhibit is coming to the Corcoran! 30 Americans will focus on identity: “30 Americans focuses on issues of racial, sexual, and historical identity in contemporary culture”.  An assignment in one of my graduate classes involved responding to 12 categories within our own identity:  Race, Gender, Religion, Geographical, Family, Age, Economic, Political, Recreational, Aesthetic, Occupational, and Health.  The assignment was so valuable in the realization of seeing myself more than just a wife, sister, daughter neighbor, teacher and now student.  It was interesting to discover the connections among a few, like loving to swim in Recreational and see that surface in my Aesthetic in using the colors of Sea Glass to decorate the house.  Learning that I don’t like Aging because my hair color is changing and there is still lots of beautiful places to see on this planet!!  It was also interesting to discover throughout my adult life in painting and using a place of reference in Narrative Art or Landscape has been the Geographical location of my Grandmothers house in Clayton, Georgia.  If you were to ask yourself as we did in class in the 12 categories “How would you describe yourself, does this come up at work, is this important to you etc.”  You just may find some interesting connections that you may not have been aware of and could bring to the surface of your present life.  Check out Nick Cave!  He will be part of the exhibition.  His use of color, texture and music has inspired me and I will FLIP if we are fortunate to see him speak.  His use of music is so motivating and these figures break down all of our exterior identities, at least that’s what this artsaysthat to me:)


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