First Grade innovates apples

First graders filled the studio with all they know about Apples and tons of creativity! They filled my brain to the brim with facts about apples: the variety of names, different tastes, combination of colors and what to make with them.
We took their observations they shared and connected them to the variety of ways apples are used in Art. Identifying the colors, textures & overlapping shapes in the artworks of Cezanne was our starting point. In our discussion we also noticed these were painted long ago and how could we create new images of apples today. I set up the tables with a buffet of materials and handed them a 6×6 piece of paper. They were told ‘design an apple that fits on the paper’. Immediately they got to work and produced apples with texture, combination of materials and super long stems! The sculptural apples are great too, especially the one with wings as Elias titles “My Unusual Apple”.

This artsaysthat we thank you Steve Jobs for inspiring us to push our imagination in using what we know and take it to what could be~thank you!



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One thought on “First Grade innovates apples

  1. These apples reminded me about an apple lesson that I was giving to me by a beloved art teacher in my state which I truly miss. Thank you for sharing these apples with us and thank you Steve Jobs you have change the world.

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