“The Three: Art, Music and Fashion”

In the first semester of attending the Corcoran College of Art and Design, I have been subconsciously making connections of ‘why we do what we do’, ‘think what we think’ and ‘say what we say’. The process has allowed me to learn more about my identity and have been thinking about how Art, Music and Fashion continues to impact in informing my identity today. Music is so valuable in its connection to memories of the past. Do you remember the first record you listened to over and over? For me it was the Jungle Book. After kissing the Sean Cassidy poster, I moved onto The Cure, snuck Kiss and Led Zeppelin into the house, and now loving the layers, beats and sounds of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. Pearl Jam will release their 20 year DVD on October 24th. I’m looking forward to seeing how they along with many others influenced the fashion of our youth and movement to solve world problems in their day.

Has a work of Art ever enhanced your perspective? In the spring of 2006, I was fortunate to be a part of a Teaching Kit created for The Phillips Collection. This experience motivated me to go to France for

the first time and see the very location of where the painting took place. While I could never pull off the Madonna look or the MC Hammer pants, I sure witnessed some that could. Just remembered trying to style my hair like Dorothy Hamill and Lady Di….hmm time to reel it in even though athletes and world leaders are inspirational too! How about the brooches of Madeleine Albright?!

Excited to start my thesis on how the influences of “The Three: Art, Music, and Fashion” surfaces in our identity and how “The Three” influence each other in imagery, lyric & statement. What musicians impacted your life and in what way? Has a particular Visual Artist changed your perspective in the imagery of their message? Did or does your fashion express something about your identity? Share your thoughts in this simple survey! \”The Three: Art, Music and Fashion\”

Excited to hear responses. Responses are private and I do not have access to who responded. My sincerest thank you for sharing~Paige

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Teaching studio art and online education. Embracing my new surroundings and exploring new challenges that develop my skills and pursue my interests. Thank you for stopping by artsaysthat!

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