Thank You Christa Cooper and Janice Cutts for leading the Horace Mann Community in the purchase of a beautiful new kiln for the studio!

Why is it so beautiful? Because clay making and hand building has been missing from the studio and it was noticed by our students and you. Thank you so much for applying the funds to a machine that will churn out objects hand made by our students. These objects represent the experience, effort, creativity, and evidence of understanding and self-expression! Check out our Clay Schedule:

K My pinch pot of patterns

1st My Clay Bowl Plus

2nd Tall Coil Pots

3rd Making Our Way Wood Thrushers

4th Figures Take a Stand

5th Seurat Tea Pots

This Community effort was singing in my mind while sitting in night class at the Corcoran this week. The topic was Community Based Art Education. One of the local projects shared was the Bridge in Frederick, Maryland. In the difficult social and economic issues, the people of Frederick created a work of art to symbolize Community. Right over the Anacostia River, Nina Chanel Abney, an artist that is part of the current exhibition 30 Americans worked with youth to produce a


This Community experience and awareness through the Corcoran led me to thinking about Mann and its future. I’ll be in touch with Mrs. Whisnant and SITT team in the thoughts, hopes, wishes of collaborating with artists of the Corcoran to create a sculpture for our Community!

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2 thoughts on “Community

  1. I’d like to thank the parents too. I didn’t realize there was anything wrong with the old one!
    -Kate (Reese’s mom)

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