Object in a series

In this past Advisory 2, we have four in the  school year, the second graders worked on an object in a series.  Using the Vessel as the subject of drawing, printing and clay building, the students experienced the representing the object in three different art mediums.  In the drawing assignment,  students first planned patterns in 5 different vessel styles and followed warm-up by drawing their own style of vessel and applying the pattern of choice. What is so beautiful about this series, besides the product, is the continuous visual language that students can use throughout each process but each process provides a different experience.  Students can compare the experience of drawing spiral coils to rolling a clay coil into a spiral.  The application of dots in a pattern or random order may change due to the delight of tapping the paintbrush full of glaze inside the clay vessel.  I was thrilled to see the continued design from the bright green vessel into the monoprint (photo in middle).

This object in a series work provided insight to creating more units where the student is able to carry their knowledge and make deeper connections.   My mind flows to thoughts of how composing descriptive writing, the performance arts and detailed drawings  have similar language.   Moments and words come to life and more powerful with tone, sound, emotion and detail.  As these delightful vessels in two and three dimensional form take on a new life in drawing, printmaking and clay using form, texture, pattern, color, line and shape!












Clay Vessels











Mono prints of Vessels

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2 thoughts on “Object in a series

  1. Hi Laurie,

    The mono print was made from using cray-pas on top of silver printing ink. Printmaking took place the following week of making the clay vessel, because some the clay needed a bit longer to dry. The students loved holding the plexi-glass up towards the ceiling to make sure they could see through their marks!


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