Chuck Close in NYC

Seeing and listening to Chuck Close at the Art Education convention in NYC was amazing! He spoke Saturday at noon and the line started at 10:30! As we were chatting in line Chuck Close cruises by around 11:00 and we all cheered and clapped as he rolled by. He began by sharing his childhood of growing up in Washington State. His family did not have much money and he suffered from muscle weakness and other physical issues. As a student, he did not do well at all and turned to learning magic “to entertain the troops”.
In performing magic tricks, he also shared how to do the magic trick, a no-no, but discovered his friends still enjoyed the magic trick. This type of sharing has stayed with him.
I appreciated his story, his humor and all the memories he shared from attending Yale with his classmates:
Nancy graves, Richard Serra, Brice Martin & Jennifer(?)…(will find out).

His slide show included pictures from his childhood and time at Yale. His parents supported the direction of his education in the arts. As the audience was full of art teachers he gave us advice, talked a bit longer than scheduled, and gave us homework to see John Chamberlain
He said “inspiration is for amateurs” but I am truly inspired by him. He mentioned he’s currently dating a younger woman who is part of a group of artists working in Brooklyn. He has noticed the trend of collaboration among artists and sees how it has become such a good thing.

My notes:
Problem creation is solving your own
Grad school is good for developing Work habits & community
Favorite student of Philip Guston
Ease is the enemy’s of every artist
If you know good art you can make it
Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just get to work.

Recommends book: Art as Art-amazon, 60’s

Appropriation Art-discussed Cindy Sherman
Einstein on the beach-movie or play to see?
Collaborative art among artists, powerful trend


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  1. Love hearing about all the energy and all your energy. Thanks for sharing, Paige. Love the fan base!


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