Dad, I missed the assignment, but not the exhibit!

Yesterday, Geoff and I took the city bikes to see Lichtenstein~Bam, Wham exhibit!  His body of work is so much!

We glanced to the other side of the gallery and noticed Shock of the News so here is the story:

Dear Dad,

I missed the assignment, but not the exhibit!  Geoff helped me paper mache this chair during Hurricane Sandy.  You know the cross media class, well she asked us to pick one everyday object around the house that collects, so I picked the magazine, but my thoughts were totally consumed by living in Mt. Vernon, NY with you! So much fun~the diners, trains to the city, the Guggenheim~and the newspaper antics (mine at least).
Now, because we don’t get the paper, I chose to cover the chair in New Yorker magazines.  I remember your dining room chairs were stacked with newspapers that you had not read yet. October came and I would carry September papers down to recycle and you would come home and wonder where they were. So I would take the elevator back down, through the tunnels of basement and bring them back up.

To my surprise all these years later, newspapers are the total art of this exhibit!  You would have loved the Shock of the News exhibit and I did too.  The memories of all those teenage years of delivering newspapers and trying to remove them from the apartment flooded my mind yesterday! No pictures allowed, but you would have loved the stacked newspapers in the entrance, the appreciation of newspaper as part of collage and as the ground for drawing.  One artist even created a stack of fresh paper for every guest of the gallery to take. How generous and thoughtful is that?!  Amazing exhibit Dad.  I remember your interest in taking the time to sit, read and appreciate every page.

As for the assignment, it was the act of bringing in the everyday object, “creating/performing a temporary installation” and being done that evening. My classmates brought in stickers, googly eyes, plastic cups, toilet paper and salt.  I only had this screen in my hand, thinking I would paint the view of apartment building courtyard on the screen to go with chair.  So instead, I joined the group with only lipstick in my bag, kissed the screen for the next two hours and still received a thumbs up!  Love, Paige

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