“Lotta Lichtenstein’s in my back pocket!”

These last few weeks before holiday break is quite a situation and I’m sure it can be at your school too.  Since viewing the amazing Lichtenstein Retrospective, I have been trying to incorporate the Ben-day dots at the elementary level.  Wham!! Popped bubble wrap in my head.

Bubble Wrap print paper

Timing could not have been more perfect.  We still have some work to do in reminding and holding our students accountable for their words, but Lichtenstein helped break the ice.  As a artist he was grouped in with the pop-artists, whether he liked it or not. We talked about how we too can be put into general groups that does not entirely define us.  Lichtenstein has expressed that he dealt with feeling frustrated that he could not paint like Van Gogh, Matisse or Monet and how that can feel frustrating, insecure, isolated and perhaps lonely. Some of his paintings ‘pay homage’ to his fellow painters and

With a list of a few more feelings we have, I asked the students:  “If your friend or someone in your family felt one of these, what would you say?”  They posted a few ideas to share and we discussed how “wow” is not good enough and why “feel awesome” is just not quite right.  Here are a few for spotting Loneliness, New at School & Name Calling…more in progress!

We still have more work to do around campus and creating a “lotta Lichtenstein messages for our back pockets”.  Art Teachers if you try this lesson at your school, here is what I did and why:

1. Before students arrived, printed a variety of skin tones and other colors~yellow, red, blue, turq, orange. WHY because, I do plan for students to make their own, but we had to discuss much about the purpose of making art & the value of its message before they print their own.  They had to understand the value of bubble wrap as an art tool before I turned them loose!  We will use excess printed paper and create more for an extended lesson that explores students personal style and use of space in composition.

2. Made a list of feelings we have and used post-its for students to share bubble comments. WHY because, we are finding this time of year and shift in the students we teach today.  Sometimes they seem to feel entitled or detached and we need to reel it in.  Our students need to see and experience how we value them & they can value each other.




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