Printmaking with young people

Litho pic

This past semester, I took Lithography and was scared out of my mind.  My adviser kept telling me to give it a try. The last time I took a printmaking class was in 1990 something.  Honestly, the only memory I have was scratching into plexi-glass, churning the wheel of printing press and my professor saying “It’s all about the marks.”  (Head drop…)  From there, feeling way more successful in the other studios, I pushed this experience out of my mind until last semester at the Corcoran.  My professor for this class created an entirely different experience that was open, supportive, positive, independent and required community.   Every single process was entirely new, the studio looked very similar to my first experience, we took pages of notes and  listed 36 or more steps, but for some reason I felt completely at home and that it was ok if I made mistakes!

When I first moved to DC and got my job teaching elementary art in 1998,  I remember my first field trip was to the Corcoran and on our field trip, we went down to education studio to complete our tour with a screen print.  I rushed out at got screens and squeegies and since then established a printmaking curriculum that includes collographs and linoleum prints.  But it is this past semester in Lithography, that I believe has churned out the best of me to bring to my students.  While my first experience was a little rough to say the least in printmaking, I knew after this past semester it did not have to be for my students. As my students explore printmakingK-5, I hope this inspires your teaching Lithography PaigeB !

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