Teaching Artistic Behavior…it’s a WOW!



These documents were created after reading about Teaching Artistic Behavior.  In my first six weeks of exploring (and loving) this method, my students have explored in drawing and painting.  As we approach Portfolio week, we will analyze their work and have goal setting conversations.  These two documents will help students reflect on the stage of their development, where they would like to grow, take risks, move on and try something new.  This experience is so great for the trailer for them and myself as an art teacher(still learning), artist(still growing) and researcher(still investigating).WOWnot WOW

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9 thoughts on “Teaching Artistic Behavior…it’s a WOW!

      1. I used your documents above but adapted the pictures a little for my room… I hope that is ok. Are you going to NAEA??? I was going to show these (and give you and your blog
        credit of course). Let me know. THANK YOU!!!

      2. You are welcome to use them. I adapted them from other TAB teachers. They work. I recently had to remind 5th graders we are at the point in the year that “splatter paint is not a WOW”

  1. No NAEA this year sad about it~all the TAB convo’s and beautiful San Diego…but with good reason graduating from the Corcoran, so lotta art to crank before May. I’ll post the before and after painting results I got from being friendly and firm with the splatter fans from 5th.

  2. Paige, I did TAB when my last two years of teaching. Are you a part of the TAB yahoo group with Kathryn Douglas? I highly recommend it as it is a great learning forum.

    1. Hey JW, yes. Lot of great convo and hope to contribute more once my training wheels keep me balanced a bit more!

  3. Love the “not a wow”. I have a sign about what the requirements are for a WOW but I still get a lot of kids trying to pass off splatter paintings or work that they threw together at the last minute. Even though we spend a lot of time talking about what the WOW’s should be I think my middle schoolers need a little more definition and I will be definitely be adding a “not a wow” sign right up. THANK YOU!

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