Grade Level Portfolio Progress Report

Practicing Teaching Artistic Behavior last year for the first time, I learned that students enjoy tracking their work and we needed guidelines for each grading period.  To develop this draft I’m calling Grade Level Portfolio Progress, I looked over our report cards for art along with the NAEA visual and media arts standards.  Since we have four grading periods, I chose for each student to complete two each advisory using the open centers.  There are at least 30 media and visual art standards for each grade level and I believe we will tackle more than 8,(often without my direction as students have innate abilities) but condensed them for students to check off.    Here is the visual for 3rd, but click above for Grades 1-5 pdf.  Students use Wow Web tracker weekly and I have centers color coded~I changed “other/black” to “Pop-Up Center”IMG_5325

3rd Port Prog. Rep

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2 thoughts on “Grade Level Portfolio Progress Report

    1. Thank you Melanie! In reflection now that things have shifted in learning so much from experience & TAB Facebook group, this system helped myself and the students stay focused and goal oriented as we navigated the newness of TAB. I am happy this tracking system is appealing. Can certainly adjust to your needs:)

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