Studio Habits of Mind

Learning about Studio Habits of Mind and finding these behaviors in our students has been exhilarating! Exhilarating because TAB is working. Our students are making choices that challenge their own capabilities, express their inner voice and tweek their observations. Here is what I’m talking about during the first 2 months in our new space approaching spring 2015!

Developing Craft

Gabriella in 2nd moves from exploring and storing materials from the Fiber Arts center she wants to use  to stitching an apron.


Max in 5th self assesses his work in his object study of old phone in classroom at the Observation Reseach Counter.


Engage and Persist

Chloe in 4th has been admiring a ballerina in the window.  She patiently continued through all-school projects of mandalas and auction stools, by returning each week to this figure in progress at the Sculpture center.


William in 5th expressed he wanted to learn more about painting in his Wow work plan form. After viewing Alma Thomas, an abstract expressionist, William grasps the composition effortlessly with color fields and mark. 


Fourth graders reflect in our art gallery meeting room during a printmaking critique. Two rounds include first, an artist statement and then classmate considerations. 

Stretch and Explore

Lucas in 3rd has moved from very planned compositions in pencil and watercolor for weeks. He freely accepts his marks and where they will take him in his self-portrait. Still with a steady hand, his ruler is taking a break nearby drawer.


Collaboratively Ava and Xavier envision this specialty store and hold an official ribbon cutting at the end of class!  Below, Ravi in 4th envisions one of the most ready to go RV’s ever seen, rigged with equipment and engineered to fly or float. 

Understanding Community

Second graders learn about the textile trade of Mozambique and The Netherlands in this unique opportunity.  A parent fabric donation after a recent trip is received at the same time a request of Teresa Clark our office manager expresses her love of children’s art and commissions their work for the office.  

Our studio often looks like this. They spread out, explore the materials of the center, support each other and here with Normandie, student teacher, articulate their experiences before the visit again.


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One thought on “Studio Habits of Mind

  1. This is awesome! It’s s fun studio for sure! The kids look like they are having a great time! Keep up the good work!!! Happy Spring!!

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