1st TAB exhibition

Our first TAB exhibition was a great success for the students! We began with these questions: Would the space allow for each student to exhibit work including art statements? How would it look if boards showcased a variety of grade levels? Could we find evidence of studio habits of mind in the selections and how could we highlight?  Here is how we did it!! students started selecting and labeling in April and set aside statement time with small groups closer to show.    We remembered our goal time reflections at end of class to remind us that we can learn from each other, so why not show that we can.   Students work immediately popped in my head when reviewing the descriptions of studio habits of mind. We posted habit & description by each work and chose two per grade level.  Reflect:  Sophia is reflective in the process. The inspiration for this harp was her memory of the sound a rubber band made.     Envision:  Jamison researches, explores and saw a squid inside this pile of silver beads!   Observe:  two fifth graders planned well in observing materials that could be useful in planning a Fashion Trashion garment for the runway!    Stretch and Explore:  These veneer scraps were donated and we had many days exploring potential to cut, fold, bend, layer. Quinn noticed the color and voila!! Understand Arts Community: William uses art to speak to many in this painting titled “To all the great moms out there”    Developing craft: one of many miniatures by our 3rd grade girls, Lila developed her craft and love of sewing mini things.  Engage and persist: Ravi in 4th is willing to try new things and does collaborate with classmates, but his commitment to engage and persist on his own momentum and creativity is truly remarkable.                  Express: Louisa 1st grade will make a horse in any medium and this little one is a true American Pharoah!

Excellent work CentAuRTists 2015, we are just getting started.  If you would like to see more check out our Artsonia exhibit. Go splash, run and feel the breeze in the summer sun!!

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