B2School Banners 2015

The tradition of Back to School Banners took on a special meaning this year in our new building. Inspired by place and location of our school, each room has been named after trees in our region and types of natural habitats surrounding our resources of the Potomac River and Anacostia River of the Chesapeake Bay.  The students selected from a list of animals you can find in our region and matched them to a character they highlight of their classroom community. Pictured here are the Courageous Cardinals!

Creating the banners in the art classroom studio gives students a peek of future choices they can make of art materials in a choice based studio. You can find an Optimistic Owl made from Fiber Arts, a Brilliant Blue Jay delightly defined in watercolor pencil from the Drawing Center a Helpful White Tailed Deer layered in colorful papers at the Collage Center and a Courageous Cardinal content in pure graphite pencil from Drawing Center.

Each class presents their banner with a pledge at the Banner Ceremony. This tradition started with the inspiration from Jane Menell, a former first grade teacher, collaborating with art to create large banners made of felt to welcome her students. I loved when Jane arrived to the studio with big rolls of colorful felt! Our principal Liz Whisnant recognizes the unity all classrooms could have in this annual experience. Adding music and dance with performing arts from Sarah Pace connects all Centaurs in our greater community. Thank you teachers for organizing the votes for the creatures and students on this celebratory day!

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