Contemporary art for elementary 

How I incorporate current methods and contemporary artists into the studio classroom for elementary can be found in my ebook. During grad school, I learned elementary students embrace and connect to contemporary art  with ease, excitement and wonder. Now as a TAB teacher, I like to use contemporary art in the Five Minute Museum and start with a big question that would lead us to think about what center would be best their idea. Because our studio classroom has been choice based for almost three years now, discussion/demonstration averages around twice a month for each grade level. 

The ebook contains ten lessons (as a TAB teacher now would say art explorations) inspired by the contemporary collection of the former Corcoran Gallery of art. While I was writing this ebook, I was in the beginning of practicing Teaching for  Artistic Behavior. I used the concept behind the work to inspire my students thinking about their own work. For example Deibenkorns “Ocean Park” inspired our first graders in the spring to collect colors in their mind that are meaningful to them or perhaps of our campus to incorporate into their artwork: brick, stone, grass, forsythia, cherry tree. 

While reading through this ebook again, now that I’ve settled into new art room & how the space works best, I’m able to put some clear thought on demonstrations using more contemporary works that my students love. The contemporary artists behaviors align well in that they collect, use symbols, untraditional materials, found objects, transform materials and tell a story.  Teaching for Artistic Behavior still includes opportunities to learn about artists as my former method, just now at any point in the process of art making and certainly to inspire students ideas.

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