Thank you Centaur Community!

Dear Centaur community,

Artsonia, an online student gallery, has been an excellent tool.  While under construction, student work was still celebrated and you raised $200 plus funds to purchase the Keva planks for our Inventors Center.  Now settled in the new studio this year through Artsonia you raised $300 that will be used to build our Sculpture Center with tools in wood work in the Fall.

Angel in White


Thank you Clapp family for your donations to our sculpture center.  Do you recognize this food container is now a form to showcase meaningful symbols by Gabriella, 3rd grade?

Our students are imagining, telling stories, applying meaning, collaborating and inventing.  Discovering ideas can surface anytime and from anywhere then could be explored in their own studio on Centaur campus is a true delight for our creators and we are proud of them.  Thank you for your support!

I would also like to say thank you to Donna and Ann Marie for assisting with the art walk and recording students statements!  The wonderful original work “WOW” work (from TAB) looked amazing on all three floors blended together with QR codes.  Thank you both for the labeling and recording of students to make Art Walk 2016 truly come to life!

Happy Summer and excited for next year!!

Paige Byrne


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