Painting at SCAD

Last week I started the graduate of painting program at SCAD with super excitement and gratitude.  Since relocating to Savannah from DC, we have had lots of highs and some lows.  One of Geoff’s colleagues said a big move takes about 18 months to adjust and that is true.  We are fortunate to be part of school communities, a great neighborhood and now an incredible institution of art.

Looking back at my painting experience, I have grown very much with color palette and subject matter.  My early years were very muted or muddy and straight out of the tube. After seeing Wayne Thiebaud, Kerry James Marshall, Ellsworth Kelly and Alma Thomas…so many more contemporary and color field artists, my eyes, heart and mind have been so excited to attempt painting on a grand scale.  Painting large has happened for the backdrops of school plays, but to paint my own imagery, fields of color, symbolism brings me so much excitement!  I just do not know what yet.  Tomorrow I will post my list of loves.  My brain ususally starts putting together ideas at 4am or dreams when I’m wiping the tables at school.  What I do know is the book we are reading How to Use Your Eyes by James Elkins, speaks to me in his mention of looking at simple things:  blades of grass, stamps, culverts.  The detail, process and/or structure of these unnoticed things are described at an incredible scale by Elkin.

The emerging ideas for my work ahead do involve place, nature, home, routine, environment and stability.  Transition and change is challenging, but I am feeling and experiencing a willingness to embrace the shift, because so far the shift has made me better.

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