25 photo references…first stretch

The photos will inspire the small paintings. In this first painting, I looked for my 1” biscuit cutter, but found a curtain rod part in the dining room drawer. Today I picked up some paint chips at Lowes that I will use for my color study project of Kerry James Marshall in the future, but today will use the chips to paint the circle pattern of the hair dryer. The comb-like bristles can be done at the end.

Published by paigepb

Teaching studio art and online education. Embracing my new surroundings and exploring new challenges that develop my skills and pursue my interests. Thank you for stopping by artsaysthat!

2 thoughts on “25 photo references…first stretch

  1. Thank you for letting me tag along on this journey. I love it. Absolutely don’t know how you are balancing teaching and working on a masters😳. ❌⭕️

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