Earrings #17 “Passing Inspection”

Before I left the house mom would always check, “Do you have your lipstick and earrings?” Incredible when I did not pass inspection for not having either! Still to this day, both can make a difference. Could not help to also think about Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring.” His palette for skin tone was very helpful as any figure or skin I attempt is flat. In the process of small studies on wood, I do see the pencil line that could be hidden more with layers even though in other painting I chose to keep. The texture of wood I see is certainly coming through that I may not desire for each of these. I very much love the new compositions that are surfacing in my work and learning to use the research to better my work.

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Teaching studio art and online education. Embracing my new surroundings and exploring new challenges that develop my skills and pursue my interests. Thank you for stopping by artsaysthat!

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