Ice Water #17 “How Can We Go To France If They Do Not Like Ice?”

Ok, there is not a glass of ice water in this painting. My husband Geoff drinks so much ice water. Igloo coolers on every road trip, insulated container for every errand in the car and a glass each night by the night stand.

When I surprised Geoff with the news about a trip to France after studying Reniors painting “Luncheon of the Boating Party” and we will get to go to Chatou, his reply, “How can we go to France when they do not like ice?” I take many pauses to remember the humor through the contrary. In France he was so happy on our hotel balcony that he whistled ”Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to the evening walkers below and they responded with ”Bravo!” and applause.

Process: Having a photo for the reference, I was able to closely observe the colors and imagery for the composition. Sketching in pencil first I then start with sky, building colors then ironwork, balcony decor and plantings. My research is using real life experiences, pushing my color mixing abilities and including a narrative. 

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