Strawberry Yogurt #12 “Hits the Ceiling”


Earlier this week I started checking out more of Kerry James Marshall paintings and videos as my inspiring artist to think more about the chosen content within my own proposal.  One of the videos that I was excited to learn about and find is this one about his mural at SFMOMA .   Again, like in his painting Voyager, Kerry James Marshall lures me in with inviting colors yet there is so much more to say.  The mural uses the historical landmarks of Mount Vernon and Montecello to set the story and then KJM imbeds the black figure within the landscape.  I love the way he brilliantly uses the coloring book style and dot-to-dot style where the dots are actually the heads of black figures.  All part of the story.

Strawberries and blueberries are my favorite fruits and the easiest to eat with yogurt and Fiber One cereal in a ball jar that I try to eat daily.  If you have 1/4 cup of Fiber One plus a handfull of dried figs, you are set for the day of daily fiber.   That is my current strawberry connection. My childhood connection…. I was eating strawberries in the kitchen of our split-foyer home with a 1970’s textured circular ceiling treatment and for some reason decided to try and hit the ceiling with my strawberries. Awful.  My elementary school did not have an art teacher at that time.  Kills me sometimes to think of where I would be today or where our students of today could be if art education was in the drivers seat.  They stained the ceiling and I think by middle school the stain had finally faded.

Process:  The idea to paint actual strawberries, the yogurt cup, ball jar or basket of strawberries turned me off completely, so Marshall’s idea of dot-to-dot was extremely impressive to me mostly for how he painted the dots as the heads for black figures.  I pulled the two necessary colors of a strawberry being red and green.  The ligher green was mixed too be a stronger contrast for the background of black dots and then one dot of red to show viewer or like a coloring book might suggest what color to use for strawberry.  I put the numbers in with a extra fine tip sharpie.

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