Friday’s Grass work

Friday I went straight to the studio after school. I was very excited to get a few small works complete and consider large canvas. My mood was somewhat frustrated with work and completely lifted from recent critique with the interest of many in the grass. It almost felt like a permission slip that I needed. The small work system I developed for myself selecting 25 objects that keep me going has been pretty good so far with evolving into titles that transport humor into the subject. However I have also discussed the theme of transformation in the object and subconsciously for myself. I have learned painting sets me free in my life. Everything else seems to have a structure and order. In terms of composition I do want and need to hang on to structure, but I have to free myself.

I was talking to Jossy a bit while unwrapping the first large canvas, put it on the easel, poured out the paint and started. We were talking but in my mind I was thinking about grass, real grass, the grass I painted and beach grass. He left before the first one was finished and I kept going. Our conversation of being an or spider with Carolyns work was the point of view. I was thinking about being a minnow in a pond, a small child laying down hot from playing and looking up.


I select a spot to start and start with an arm motion. My body stays in position and I rock back and forth to repeat the brush strokes and deepen the color from the starting point. I am pleased with the brush stoke losing paint as it goes out. The more I painted the happier I became and was fearless to open the next canvas.

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