Research for local grass

This morning I headed out route 80 to head towards the marsh in hopes to find periwinkle snails clinging to spartina grass. The colors were glorious, sounds of birds and water activity were circulating and the layers of texture was appealing. Next time I will wear y’all rubber boots to get closer, but I was able to see the silhouettes of periwinkle snails and imagined their patterns. The snails clinging to the spartina remind me of how we cling to our coasts in their protection and how the locals hover over their homes and property during hurricane times.

Yesterday on the way home, I did not take a picture, but watched a middle school girl who was advertising a car wash at an intersection pick a long piece of grass during the red light with kind of a blank gaze outline the letters of her sign with the blade of grass. Just a nice little moment of engaging with grass.

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