Grass studies small works

Elkins shares that grass is most likely one of the most overlooked plants, but I know, we know you know, grass has got gut. The smell of fresh cut grass can make us swoon, the perfect edging across the street can make us green with envy, a brown patch on the lawn can cause you to crack a beer. Grass can dictate, grass can make us feel good and grass can shelter the most delicate species.

In these grass paintings using watercolor & watered down acrylic, my process is to capture the movement. My palette is loaded with stained water and pools of pigment. In printmaking, we print from light to dark, so that experience prompted the light layers first. My mind traveled from lawns in Rhode Island, Washington DC, Tennessee, a tumbleweed from out west dropped in from a trip one year and spartina of Savannah. The spiral is representing a piece of grass I twist around my finger and the “b” shaped grass is a piece of I believe called “Timothy” grass from Elkins book that may be the same grass from my yard in Tennessee. If my parents did not mow for a while I would take the firm strand and wrap a loop just below the top to pop the top.

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