Small Works Gallery Tour

Studio A5

Open studios was so much fun and loved the visitors of mine in A5. Two of my neighbors arrived, met lots of students that took pictures and heard great comments about my work. People liked the black and white. I especially loved the reaction from a lady and daughter visiting from Texas over my tumbleweed painting. The airy tumbleweeds are always bouncing around and part of the scene. She could see a little creature living in my painted one.

img_1632 fullsizeoutput_44f

The grass paintings here were made by scratching through wet paint with brush handles and binder clips. I had painted the backgrounds with similar palette of large paintings in light & bright blue, pink, yellow and green (the wall paper of my childhood room). Not so intentional, but these colors seem to keep surfacing. My thought was to paint black silhouette of grass, but the gesture and movement was not the same or as enjoyable so I was thankful to think about the technique of scratching through wet paint. I chose the pond grasses for green, marsh grasses for yellow, field grasses for blue and the cat tail/Timothy grass for the pink.I applied the clear glaze that evening and also started a small square painting with a few red strokes and I loved the red. 


Also I loved watching the artists at work in the critique spaces. One used a gigantic brush that I would love to try out and the other had a nice system of using very thin masking tape with bold and vivid colors to create multiple small work paintings.  



On my gallery walk I took a few photos of artworks that I would like to use in the future for reference. With my love of water to paint and swim in ocean, lake or pool, these paintings would be great to study for composition, texture and color. 

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