SCAD Film Fest reviews

Today I went to three shows.  “The Neighbors Window” directed by Marshall Curry followed by “Sell By” directed by Mike Doyle with a Q&A of both directors.  Curry’s is only 20 minutes and is my favorite of the two.  How much you can say, learn, see and feel in just 20 minutes!  Set in two New York City apartments the couple with three young children experience from season to season how much they both actually enjoy watching the intimacy of the other couple at all times of the day.  The couples of the sun-filled and snowy day cozy apartments go through what we all go through or will go through at some point, so I really appreciated and connected to aspects of the storyline.  Connecting to the characters was pretty immediate.  In the Q&A Curry’s response to a question if he had an alternative ending was ‘yes’, but he opted for the simpler one that let us wonder a bit.

Mike Doyle, the director of “Sell By” who was also asked about an alternative ending was ‘no’ because his may become a TV series.  The group of friends in this romantic comedy are supportive of each other in all the strains and sparks relationships can bring to our character in determining how much can we grow, give and keep true to ourselves.   The film made me think of composition actually.  There was a nice pattern and rhythm to feeling touched enough to form tears and laughing from their funny commentary in how to deal with partners.

My husband Geoff loved the morning movies too and said “Lets try to go to ‘Harriet’ at 3:00 in the stand by line.”  So we have lunch at Henry’s, then go to the store,  pick up some fine painters oil medium at Starlandia and then back to Broughton.  The line was already packed. We did get first in line for stand by.  A parent of one of his students was there and said his wife could not go so he had an extra ticket and gave it to me.  I totally wanted Geoff to go, but he insisted I go with hope he could.  The show was sold out and 50 ticket holders had to be refunded. So no extra people.  With such a strict ‘cell phone off or confiscated’ announcement I just prayed and planned to sneak a text later from back of room later to see if he got in, but no.  Anyway….HARRIET!!!  I did not know she was ‘Minty’ and Harriet Tubman is her ‘freed’ name.  I also thought the underground railroads were literally built by her and not somewhat underway from leaders in the north. Harriet is incredible and when she sees the sun after running through those fields that fills her spirit with fury to keep going, you want to be right beside her.  I can not wait to see it again.  Harriet is powerful and outstanding.  The music is glorious and scenery is gorgeous.  Leslie Odom Jr. as William Still welcomes ‘Minty’ and sets her up with Marie Buchanan (born free) played by Jonelle Monae.  These two actors along with Henry Hunter Hall  (son of director Kasi Lemmons) who shifts in character by helping out Harriet rather than former slave owner for money are incredible to watch in their shared awe and loyalty of Harriet to carry out her mission to free slaves. During this mission, Harriet also has to come to terms with slaves that are too scared to go and want to stay in order to keep their children safe.  She also learns in her decision to escape that leaves her husband behind has some consequences upon her return to get him that are unsettling.

Would recommend all three and see Harriet at least twice, so so great!

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