Spider Grass

Spider Grass or Liriope, the scientific name is a great grass to use as a border along sidewalks or create edging around a tree.

Most of the spider grass in our yard is helpful, but there was a long section in front that got out of line. You know when a child cuts their own hair? Kinda looked like that.

So we located the spider grass and a few times I saw these beautiful caterpillars in the spider grass clusters.

The curvy caterpillar in it’s fancy fur inspired the painting along with the spider frass, but the painting took on an extension of fancy when I saw the inch long eyelashes. Back to the spider grass in well kept yards around Savannah, I thought about the fancy women going out or coming home from the piano bar in their glitz and glam hopefully walking along a well lit entrance. The pale pink is inspired by that shade of blush pink for lips or cheeks even perhaps those satin gloves or jeweled clutch.

As I explore grass in the content of my work, I look forward to grass as the tool to investigate people and place. My process continues to collect imagery from my mind and put together a puzzle in some way.

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Teaching studio art and online education. Embracing my new surroundings and exploring new challenges that develop my skills and pursue my interests. Thank you for stopping by artsaysthat!

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