Road Trip: Painting from memory

This morning I asked myself “Why do you paint in these colors?” These colors mean I’m going somewhere. Every summer rise and shine mom would wake up my little brother and I to go to grandmothers. A three hour trip now down to 2.5 from TN through NC to GA through Sam’s Gap. Not until about 10am would we crack the window in the back seat. Yard after yard, pastures, farms, old cars, creeks, smoking trash, and misty field we would ride.

Sam’s Gap was the halfway point where we could get a soda and snack. There became the wild part of the ride where mom would hug hair pin turns and zip by 18 wheelers. My bother and I would hang on to any part of the back seat we could grip.

Streaks of blue, green and gold move at high speed above and below this ever present wavy line that peaked and rested along our road trip. Memories are so powerful and seem to surface around the time they make their first impression. Drive through Sam’s Gap one weekend I-26 and take the hair pin turn back roads at the Flag Pond exit~gorgeous!

Rise and Shine
Flag Pond
Big Bald
Rabun Gap

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