Color Studies for Thesis

The 9×12 paintings in watercolor. Acrylic and Micron pen answered questions I had about the system of sevens and yielded opportunities I had yet to consider. The questions I had were about color, design and material. The engaging is reminiscent of my childhood wallpaper with the colors embedded in my memory. Resurfacing to be applied on the imaginative imagery, I can see how the subconscious works. I recall seeing painters like Kerry James Marshall and Wayne Theibaud using cheerful colors frequently to illustrate challenging content as my enchanting palette brings out peculiar creatures far from perfect. Design in the composition and surface revealed two significant aspects in my love for texture, detail in using micron pen yet I will have to consider a fine paint brush with increasing scale and canvas surface for thesis. A boundary also surfaced in painting Clam Digging. I enjoy and want to paint less than perfect characters and creatures in my admiration for perseverance, yet Clam Digging showed me about how far I would want to take distortion. The color studies served as illustrations for the imagination section of the children’s journal. An exciting consideration took place when I envisioned the imperfections of these peculiar creatures taking on symbolizing renewal and perseverance as digital collages. The patterns worked in partial as borders in page layouts and covers for sections of the children’s journal. The process yielded multiple paths for future work in the foundation of drawing and painting.

Clam Digging
King Fisher
Flamingo Watch
Finch Feast
Beaks Take a Bow
Fancy Fin

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