M.F.A. in Painting presently attending Savannah College of Art and Design

M.A.A.E, GW Corcoran School of the Arts & Design, Washington DC

Paige Byrne is an painter, illustrator and teacher.  Currently Paige is a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design earning her M.F.A. in the painting program.  She earned her B.S in Art Education from East Tennessee State University.  The green mountains led her up the east coast to Washington DC where she earned her Masters of Art in Art Education from George Washington Corcoran School of the Arts & Design.    Paige’s work connects the resilience of life in the past and present by painting creatures of feather and fin along with fabulous females that surpass compromising circumstances.  Characters and creatures with curiosity, mischeivousness and temptations colorfully play across botanical like compositions.  In addition to being an art teacher, Paige has been a guest speaker at the National Association of Art Education annual convention highlighting contemporary practice in art education. She illustrated Songbirds children’s book that was published in 2020. Paige now resides in Savannah Georgia where she teaches from Scribble Art Studio and researches the twenty-three Savannah Squares for patterns in design, life and history. 


In Paige’s classroom studio as an art educator in Savannah she brings out the innate ability of every student at each stage of life. Students of admire the beats and sounds applied to process techniques and student teachers of hers apply the pedagogy “this is the child’s studio and the child is the artist.”

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