Art to the Core

How our children grow from Art foundations socially and academically.

The power, the pride, and the excitement these fresh fired clay busts secretly keep inside them!  Except for maybe the one yawning in the middle:).  Let me tell you about the power they felt too, our students, as they straightened their shoulders.  The pride in making Paul Revere’s hat by simply folding a clay taco over a clay ball and in my excitement too, the recognition of the types of columns they learned in 3rd grade.  One of my favorite projects that reminds students of the lasting efforts our early Americans made, the innovation of Ben Franklin & others and the tradition of portraiture, oh how it’s changed!  I love that this artsaysthat:  we are strong, we are one, we are the people! Would the style of your portrait be traditional?  What materials would you use?

In this category, you will find lessons that strengthen the students core fundamentals of learning how to discuss and produce Art.

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