Visual Arts Template

This Template was designed to reflect the Teaching points developed by the District of Columbia Teaching and Learning Framework.  The template allows me to quickly glance at image on the left as a resource.  It could be picture of Artist work, picture book connection.  The box to the right is for a photo of studentContinue reading “Visual Arts Template”

YouTube – Teaching through the Prism of Arts Integration

TeachingThroughPrism YouTube – Teaching through the Prism of Arts Integration. Today was fantastic at the Phillips Collection!  Teachers from across the country gathered at the Phillips Collection today to attend a workshop on Teaching through the Prism of Arts Integration.  We were empowered by the leadership and research taking place at the Phillips Collection inContinue reading “YouTube – Teaching through the Prism of Arts Integration”

The Art of Landscaping

This weekend we flew up to Rhode Island for Fathers Day.  In trying to be helpful, for my husbands parents, we cleared the yard. Two of my favorite spots were the Tree Family and Boomerang Garden.  The Tree family are three beautiful cherry blossom trees that needed to be trimmed up.  Lots of extra sproutsContinue reading “The Art of Landscaping”

Blogging for Students: A Teaching Tool

Reflections on Student Blogging.  What would they learn and WHY would we use blogging?  I think it is important to tap into the productive benefits of blogging, keep our students updated with technology and bring them as much success as possible by communicating about Art in every possible way! Self-assessment:  Students could upload a photoContinue reading “Blogging for Students: A Teaching Tool”

School Sculptures with Kevin Reese! This web site so inspired me in bringing community together for the arts.  Kevin Reese is so motivating, organized and thoughtful in everyone having a part.  In my belief that Art brings value to ourselves and ability to see value in others, this artsaysthat (and may I say confirms that) communities that experience artContinue reading “School Sculptures with Kevin Reese!”

The Value of Arts Education This vimeo clip from Enliven the Senses sings for the Arts Educators!  In my early years of teaching it never occurred to me that I may need to be an advocate for my Art Program.  These days we are more pressed to assess our students, assesss ourselves.  This little voice inside me has grownContinue reading “The Value of Arts Education”

Top 10…actually 12 Art connections on Campus!

One of my favorite things about teaching art is designing units or lessons that connect to other subjects.  There are also great benefits in making Art connections.  They strengthen the learning for students and enhance our professional relationships.  I try to at least make connections to content at least twice a year, but very oftenContinue reading “Top 10…actually 12 Art connections on Campus!”

School Sculptures with Kevin Reese

Kevin Reese motivates communities across the country as a resident artist.  In designing a permanent sculpture,   participants experience creativity, teamwork and collaboration of ideas.  Check out to find out about Kevin Reese bringing the power of art to your community!  This artsaysthat communities are brought together by meaningful and relevant experiences in ArtContinue reading “School Sculptures with Kevin Reese”