SCAD MOA & Alexander Hall

Frederick Douglass & inspiring Marcus Dunn Review My first impression of the SCAD experience outside of our painting class was the night we attended the Frederick Douglass Symposium to meet, hear and learn from Isaac Julien. My first impression was pure awe. We can gather in this thoughtful theatre space to be sitting among talentedContinue reading “SCAD MOA & Alexander Hall”

Paint Chips in Bluffton

My process for painting is mostly from memory and sometimes photograph.  Last spring of 2018, I did a painting workshop for SOBA, Society of Bluffton Artists.  I brought in my low county landscapes to share the process of using paint chips and natural objects to inspire the palette for painting.  The age group was seniorsContinue reading “Paint Chips in Bluffton”

SCAD Film Fest reviews

Today I went to three shows.  “The Neighbors Window” directed by Marshall Curry followed by “Sell By” directed by Mike Doyle with a Q&A of both directors.  Curry’s is only 20 minutes and is my favorite of the two.  How much you can say, learn, see and feel in just 20 minutes!  Set in two New York City apartments theContinue reading “SCAD Film Fest reviews”