5th Grade Paints the Past

A tradition of illustrating the memories of Grand Oaks residents by our fifth grade takes place each year. The tradition entails three visits by our students to interview the senior citizens. Sounds beautiful and easy, but sometimes there is a need to reschedule or student may have to sacrifice an idea. This experience overall holdsContinue reading “5th Grade Paints the Past”

DC3 studio workshop at Mann

DC3 Collaborative is a group of 10 schools in our district that gather multiple times a year.  When we gather we observe and share, then we go right back to our classrooms to incorporate best practices.  The art teachers in our collaborative also have time to share approaches and we do that best by doing!Continue reading “DC3 studio workshop at Mann”

The Porch Project accepted by Kickstarter!

Hello artsaysthat subscribers, I’m writing to share The Porch Project as my final artwork at the Corcoran College of Art and Design to be completed April 2014. The Porch Project started to emerge in my very first graduate course.  Throughout the program I have learned to apply personal meaning into my work the value inContinue reading “The Porch Project accepted by Kickstarter!”

10 Thesis Lessons

These are the 10 contemporary artists from the Corcoran Gallery of Art collection that I chose to practice in my elementary classroom studio below.  The awareness of these artists and the new art experiences were influenced by Olivia Gude’s Principles of Possibility and the use of thinking strategy:  See, Think, Wonder.  Each art experience wasContinue reading “10 Thesis Lessons”

Art in Action with Students

Yesterday was a professional development day.  We have been going to the National Gallery and I loved the experience.  At first I will admit, not a work of art I would observe for a large length of time in front of this work if alone, but this experience created a stream of thinking! Our groupContinue reading “Art in Action with Students”