B2School Banners 2015

The tradition of Back to School Banners took on a special meaning this year in our new building. Inspired by place and location of our school, each room has been named after trees in our region and types of natural habitats surrounding our resources of the Potomac River and Anacostia River of the Chesapeake Bay.Continue reading “B2School Banners 2015”

Pecha Kucha for Boston!

After July 4th in the cute little town of Bristol RI, I’ll be heading up to Boston for the Teaching Artistic Behavior Institute.  While looking at the info of what to bring, they listed preparing a Pecha Kucha…had no clue, but do now (Japanese chit-chat presentation style of 20 slides for 20 seconds) and hereContinue reading “Pecha Kucha for Boston!”

Anti-Bullying and Art

Centaur Celebration Days engage students by offering choices of activities and events for multi-age groups for a series of Fridays.  Because a stretch of time was getting off-track on how we treat each other on campus, we offered this particular group of students they called “Art Cats” an opportunity to find ways to address thisContinue reading “Anti-Bullying and Art”

Studio Habits of Mind

Learning about Studio Habits of Mind and finding these behaviors in our students has been exhilarating! Exhilarating because TAB is working. Our students are making choices that challenge their own capabilities, express their inner voice and tweek their observations. Here is what I’m talking about during the first 2 months in our new space approachingContinue reading “Studio Habits of Mind”

ebook now published!

Portfolio of Practice is a great resource for elementary art teachers (and older as my classmate informed me) to incorporate contemporary art and methods into your studio classroom.  No longer will I teach “how to paint a symmetrical butterfly using warm and cool colors in five steps.”  Contemporary art and methods using ten artists fromContinue reading “ebook now published!”

The Porch Project accepted by Kickstarter!

Hello artsaysthat subscribers, I’m writing to share The Porch Project as my final artwork at the Corcoran College of Art and Design to be completed April 2014. The Porch Project started to emerge in my very first graduate course.  Throughout the program I have learned to apply personal meaning into my work the value inContinue reading “The Porch Project accepted by Kickstarter!”

10 Thesis Lessons

These are the 10 contemporary artists from the Corcoran Gallery of Art collection that I chose to practice in my elementary classroom studio below.  The awareness of these artists and the new art experiences were influenced by Olivia Gude’s Principles of Possibility and the use of thinking strategy:  See, Think, Wonder.  Each art experience wasContinue reading “10 Thesis Lessons”