Pecha Kucha for Boston!

After July 4th in the cute little town of Bristol RI, I’ll be heading up to Boston for the Teaching Artistic Behavior Institute.  While looking at the info of what to bring, they listed preparing a Pecha Kucha…had no clue, but do now (Japanese chit-chat presentation style of 20 slides for 20 seconds) and hereContinue reading “Pecha Kucha for Boston!”

Studio Habits of Mind

Learning about Studio Habits of Mind and finding these behaviors in our students has been exhilarating! Exhilarating because TAB is working. Our students are making choices that challenge their own capabilities, express their inner voice and tweek their observations. Here is what I’m talking about during the first 2 months in our new space approachingContinue reading “Studio Habits of Mind”

Can Serrat Residency: El Bruc, Spain

This past June I was fortunate to live as an artist in Spain for the very first time.for a month at the Can Serrat residency.  First, Thank you to my school for supporting this early leave and for supplementing part of the cost.  I learned so much in this experience for myself and to shareContinue reading “Can Serrat Residency: El Bruc, Spain”

Storytelling with Narrative Art

Storytelling with Narrative Art will be the topic of tomorrows Professional Development Day and my presentation.  This PDF shares how narrative art is used in my classroom studio.  The ideas evolved from using local resources:  The Phillips Collection’s Jacob Lawrence series, The National Galleries professional development workshops and the Corcoran Gallery of Art collection andContinue reading “Storytelling with Narrative Art”

10 Thesis Lessons

These are the 10 contemporary artists from the Corcoran Gallery of Art collection that I chose to practice in my elementary classroom studio below.  The awareness of these artists and the new art experiences were influenced by Olivia Gude’s Principles of Possibility and the use of thinking strategy:  See, Think, Wonder.  Each art experience wasContinue reading “10 Thesis Lessons”

Kindergarten “Things that are Circular”

Today we looked at the wooden art piece by Martin Puryear “Blue Blood”. Students were excited to see a simple shape so huge! They examined everyday objects gathered from our campus, described its purpose and shared how they would put it to use. Each student selected an object to trace once, twice or more toContinue reading “Kindergarten “Things that are Circular””

Art in Action with Students

Yesterday was a professional development day.  We have been going to the National Gallery and I loved the experience.  At first I will admit, not a work of art I would observe for a large length of time in front of this work if alone, but this experience created a stream of thinking! Our groupContinue reading “Art in Action with Students”

Finding a friend in Art

“Finding a friend in Art” is one of my favorite lessons to teach because I love friends! Learning about Alexander Calder and Joan Miro thru The Phillips Collection teaching packet was so much fun, I could barely control myself to read it completely! With Calder from New York and Miro from Barcelona, my mind wasContinue reading “Finding a friend in Art”

Textiles: Mapping our identity at Mann

This spring, our students will be exploring the process of textiles in a variety of cultures. In exploring the process of textiles myself in the Surface Design class at the Corcoran, I have learned that color, texture, pattern, shape and image all surface from personal taste, tradition and process. Students using textiles as a mediumContinue reading “Textiles: Mapping our identity at Mann”