Can Serrat Residency: El Bruc, Spain

This past June I was fortunate to live as an artist in Spain for the very first time.for a month at the Can Serrat residency.  First, Thank you to my school for supporting this early leave and for supplementing part of the cost.  I learned so much in this experience for myself and to shareContinue reading “Can Serrat Residency: El Bruc, Spain”

Can Serrat June 2014

My first artist in residency experience took place in El Bruc Spain at the foothills of Montserrat that is about 40 miles northwest of Barcelona. Geoff my husbands application was accepted too and we had a blast! The region and people inspired our work. Along with Gemma from the states, Helen, Andrew & Amanda fromContinue reading “Can Serrat June 2014”

ebook now published!

Portfolio of Practice is a great resource for elementary art teachers (and older as my classmate informed me) to incorporate contemporary art and methods into your studio classroom.  No longer will I teach “how to paint a symmetrical butterfly using warm and cool colors in five steps.”  Contemporary art and methods using ten artists fromContinue reading “ebook now published!”