Elkins How to Use Your Eyes review

Book Review How To Use Your Eyes Elkins   Elkins suggestions  to look at things made by nature and things made by man speaks to me because his lists are truly objects of shared interest.  There was a display section in my former classroom studio that had a grid of 12 to 16 squares titledContinue reading “Elkins How to Use Your Eyes review”

Color Research Investigation: “Voyager” Kerry James Marshall

This painting has been in my mind ever since I saw it for the first time.  In teaching art and teaching history through art, Jacob Lawrence paintings in “The Migration Series” was my only resource for quite sometime.  The repetition of color and imagery in each of the 60 panels is an excellent resource forContinue reading “Color Research Investigation: “Voyager” Kerry James Marshall”

Blades of Grass #25

My proposal inspired from the painting Voyager by Kerry James Marshall is about transformation and being comfortable in the process of getting better as a painter, growing in a challenging teaching position and embracing this move. Grass continues to bring me comfort. Just to go outside and sit in it to transition from one partContinue reading “Blades of Grass #25”

Life impacts painting and process

This documentary of Neil Welliver is so inspiring. I was so excited to learn that his work took place in Maine with my handful of visits there.   Seeing the mountains, river, big blue sky and trees made me miss Tennessee, but that visit will come soon. I loved the process of his work as a trip, journey and experience.Continue reading “Life impacts painting and process”