“Make It or Break It: Coffee Mug” #2

Moving from anywhere is an adjustment and there were great things going our way, even though we were missing DC. One of the hard things was my new job. The scene took a big toll on my spirit professionally. The pay cut was crippling. I truly lost my identity in this place and felt totallyContinue reading ““Make It or Break It: Coffee Mug” #2″

Life impacts painting and process

This documentary of Neil Welliver is so inspiring. I was so excited to learn that his work took place in Maine with my handful of visits there.   Seeing the mountains, river, big blue sky and trees made me miss Tennessee, but that visit will come soon. I loved the process of his work as a trip, journey and experience.Continue reading “Life impacts painting and process”

Earrings #17 “Passing Inspection”

Before I left the house mom would always check, “Do you have your lipstick and earrings?” Incredible when I did not pass inspection for not having either! Still to this day, both can make a difference. Could not help to also think about Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring.” His palette for skin tone wasContinue reading “Earrings #17 “Passing Inspection””

25 photo references…first stretch

The photos will inspire the small paintings. In this first painting, I looked for my 1” biscuit cutter, but found a curtain rod part in the dining room drawer. Today I picked up some paint chips at Lowes that I will use for my color study project of Kerry James Marshall in the future, butContinue reading “25 photo references…first stretch”

25 objects that keep me afloat

The 25 objects listed here keep me afloat every day. As I think about and prepare to closely at these objects, I realize there is actually much about them to consider. While the number may be daunting up front, the excitement of where they take my creativity to produce is quite motivating. 1. Hair dryerContinue reading “25 objects that keep me afloat”