Say yes, when Chancellor asks for art!

This week our Chancellor Kaya Henderson will deliver her state of schools address. I hope the guests see the creativity shining in our students. Through a choice based art education and practice of studio habits of mind, our students create authentic art with personal meaning and skilled application. Develop craft:  Shoes Sculpture/fiber art Alden andContinue reading “Say yes, when Chancellor asks for art!”

Don’t Kill the Ideas!

This TED talk by Cindy Foley has pushed my thinking this weekend and fueled my passion to continue practicing Teaching Artistic Behavior. In my effort to design a studio and create a curriculum for students to explore ideas and make progress in the visual arts, I am still editing my work and constantly observing.  The experienceContinue reading “Don’t Kill the Ideas!”

Can Serrat June 2014

My first artist in residency experience took place in El Bruc Spain at the foothills of Montserrat that is about 40 miles northwest of Barcelona. Geoff my husbands application was accepted too and we had a blast! The region and people inspired our work. Along with Gemma from the states, Helen, Andrew & Amanda fromContinue reading “Can Serrat June 2014”